Banana Face is a four color jacquard knit project designed on photoshop and was created using a circular jacquard knitting machine.  The inspiration for the motifs designed for this project were abstract facial renderings that have a humorous and whimsical quality.  These motifs combined with the comfort of a simple shirt and sweatpants makes for the perfect combination of enjoyable loungewear.
The design process for this project began with quick renderings of faces that were drawn to be simple and amusing.  I was able to achieve this by photographing different facial expressions created by myself and my classmates.  After each face was drawn, I scanned them into photoshop and recolored each image.
The next step for this project was designing was the silhouette that I wanted to achieve.  For the top portion of my design, I created a pattern for a simple knitted shirt with bound hems.  And for the bottom portion, I designed a pattern for sweatpants with both a back pocket and inseam pockets.
With the silhouette in mind, I created two files on photoshop to be knitted on the jacquard knitting machine.  The first file was a large black square with a centered motif for the shirt (left). The second file was designed for the sweatpants (right).  I planned to create checkerboard sweatpants with smaller face motifs that were hidden in the pockets.  Each of these files was created at a low dpi to account for the courses and wales being knitted.
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