Hippie Summer is an appliqué quilt that I created using a brother sewing machine and scrap fabrics found at a local scrap exchange.  This quilt features a wide variety of fabrics including terry cloth, satin, fleece, woven cotton, and felt.  Each and every piece of fabric was cut and sewn by hand to create this incredible piece of art.
Dimensions: approx. 5' by 4'
The original design for this quilt was created on mixed media paper with prismacolor markers and posca paint pens (left) .  I created this art piece at the end of summer 2020 after a few months of self discovery and journey through art.  I fell in love with this piece and decided to recreate the drawing digitally using procreate (right).
After recreating the original drawing on procreate I decided that I wanted to move forward to a larger medium: and appliqué quilt.  I decided I wanted to be ambitious with the size and I drew my design on a piece of muslin fabric  that was 5' by 4'.  I drew my design to proportion using the grid drawing technique.
The next step was finding fabric to quilt with.  I chose to look for fabric at a local scrap exchange where I was able to find dozens of brightly colored fabrics perfect for the quilt I wanted to create.  I then began cutting out each piece of the quilt individually.  The photos above are the different being place down to make sure they're the correct promotion for each place.
After every piece was cut, I began sewing each piece together.  This was a difficult process because I had to make sure each piece was sewn in the right area in the right order.  This quilt has dozens of layers in multiple sections that I had to keep arranged.
After each piece was sewn, I decided to embroider the glasses, the nose piercing, and the face of the teddy bear onto the quilt.  I thought this would add nice dimension and show a variety of textile craft skills in one art piece.
The last step was to sew the backing onto the quilt and hang it  I chose to use a branch to display the because I like how natural it is and I like being able to use raw materials from the earth.  
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