Orange Rings is a unique men's knitted sweater  that emphasizes the beautiful design qualities of front and back knit structures and intriguing surface design techniques.
Orange Rings is a knit design project that I developed using the Shima Seiki Apex Software.  Utilizing different techniques in this software I was able to design and sample this unique men's knitted sweater.  For this project I emphasized the use of front and back knit structures and a special surface design technique to create a concentric ring design emblazoned on the chest and elbow portions of the sweater.
This navy blue and orange sweater is for a consumer who is looking for clothing that holds true to a classic complementary color palette with an interesting twist.  They like clothes that don’t stray too far from the classic navy blue, but still excites them with innovative, and intriguing designs.  By wearing this sweater, they will be able to stay in their comfort colors, while still wearing something new that is unique and striking.
(Mens, Younger Ages: 18-30, Sold at: ASOS and Urban Outfitters)
Inspired by classic men's sweater shapes, I endeavored to create a simple cowl neck sweater with a unique twist.  I chose to design a concentric pattern for this project because concentric patterns tend to be pleasing to the eye and create an intriguing focal point.  I also wanted to utilize a surface design technique similar to tie dying but with an added twist, the use of bleach.  I chose to use bleach because I thought it would be interesting to dye the fabric by stripping it of its color.
Left: Front and back knit structure design in Apex software
Right: Simulated design on Apex software (rendered in yellow to get a better view of design)
These photos are apart of the sampling process I created for this design.  In order to create the tie dyed effect, I folded my knitted sample in a way reminiscent of traditional tie dying.  In order to create the rings seen above, I used a concentrated bleach solution and carefully applied it to the top of the folds.  This created just enough discoloration to complete my design.  For the coloration, I chose to knit the sweater sample in a dark navy blue.  I chose this color because I knew that the bleach would create a beautiful contrasting orange color.
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