Cotton In The Curriculum 2020 Honorable Mention Award Winner for delivering a collection that exhibited a high level of quality and creativity through textile design.
Illusioned is my collection of woven, knit, and digitally printed cotton textile fabrics made to furnish a unique, modern living space.  Influenced by the striking visual shapes and effects of Op art, I have endeavored to create a living space that is entirely dedicated to exemplify the wondrous and arousing visual effects of optical illusions.  In the living space I have designed, a consumer would find themselves in a room not only designed for them to live comfortably in, but they will be immersed in a room that is an illusionary art experience.
In this collection, I have designed woven upholstery fabric for a couch, chair, lampshade, and a rug.  I have designed knit fabrics for throw pillows, as well as digital prints for wallpaper and a wall tapestry. Inspired by painting, collage and other hand processes typically seen in op art, each weaving in my collection is handwoven on a tapestry frame loom. Given the grid-like structure of weaving and knitting, this collection showcases that textiles are uniquely suited to explore optical effects and vivid, vibrating patterns.
In the image above you can see the different textile fabrics that I developed and where they would be placed within the room that I rendered using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
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